Efficient & Dedicated

The Programme committee is responsible for content development for the IDF WDS Daejeon 2018 Programme in accordance with the framework established by the organizing committee

Committee members are as follows.


  • Yoon, Sung Sik
    Dr. Yoon, Sung Sik Chair of Programme Committee
    Yonsei University

Domestic Members

  • Dr. Park, Tae Kyun
    Dr. Park, Tae Kyun Media
    Korea Food Forum
  • Dr. Ji, In Bae
    Dr. Ji, In Bae Food Industrial Management
    Dongguk University
  • Dr. Cho, Jae Sung
    Dr. Cho, Jae Sung Marketing
    Chungnam National University
  • Dr. Seo, Seong Won
    Dr. Seo, Seong Won Farm Management
    Chungnam National University
  • Dr. Lee, Hong Gu
    Dr. Lee, Hong Gu Farm Management
    Konkuk University
  • Dr. Oh, Se Jong
    Dr. Oh, Se Jong Dairy Science and Technology
    Chonnam National University
  • Dr. Kim, Gur Yoo
    Dr. Kim, Gur Yoo Dairy Science and Technology
    Kangwon Universtiy
  • Dr. Imm, Jee Young
    Dr. Imm, Jee Young Nutrition and Health
    Kookmin University
  • Dr. Lee, Hae Jeung
    Dr. Lee, Hae Jeung Nutrition and Health
    Gachon University
  • Dr. Park, Kyu Hyun
    Dr. Park, Kyu Hyun Environment
    Kangwon National University
  • Dr. Yoon, Jang Won
    Dr. Yoon, Jang Won Animal Health and Welfare
    Kangwon National University
  • Dr. Oh, Chang Hwan
    Dr. Oh, Chang Hwan Food Safety
    Semyung University

Overseas Members

  • Dr. Park, Tae Kyun
    Caroline Emond IDF
    General Director
  • Mr. Jingquan FANG
    Mr. Jingquan FANG IDF China
    National Secretary
  • Mr. Osamu SUGANUMA
    Mr. Osamu SUGANUMA IDF Japan
    National Secretary