sponsor/ Platinum Seoul Dairy Cooperative

As Korea’s leading brand of milk that is proud of sincere and outstanding product, Seoul Dairy Cooperative has always stayed together with our customers over the last 81 years. We’ve been developing good products in a smaller sense and making effort to promote a healthy future for everyone in Korea in a larger scale. We constantly reflected the demand of our customers to lead in creating the best product in the world and also strived to widely inform about Korea by opening up the overseas market. 
But the dream of Seoul Dairy Cooperative does not remain at today. We’ll make the best effort to be responsible for health of the world beyond the health of Korea and to be reborn as the greatest first class food & life culture company that opens up happy life with bright future for our customers.

Seoul Dairy Cooperative was started from a cooperative based on belief and trust of consumers. It had created the greatest cooperative in Korea with efficient organization management and reasonable democratic administration method for 81 years becoming the leading milk of Korea with No. 1 brand power. But Seoul Dairy Cooperative is not satisfied just with this. It is making the best effort to make the No. 1 milk in the world beyond No. 1 in Korea.

The Seoul Dairy Cooperative that has been giving assistance to dairy farmers is leading the trend of times with innovative changes along with the long tradition of cooperative in order to cope with global era. Not only that, but it is providing quality and service that no one else can be a match for in order to fulfill the social responsibility as No. 1 company along with rights and interests of its members. 

Seoul Dairy Cooperative has been diligently leading the development of Korea’s dairy farming toward an advanced dairy farming of the world. And now, it is preparing an energetic leap once again in order to be reborn as a brand with style and taste loved by the world. 

sponsor/ Gold Maeil Dairies Co., Ltd

Since its foundation in 1969 as Korea’s first government-initiated dairy development business, Maeil Dairies has become one of the countries’ leader in dairy processing with group revenue of 1.5 billion USD (2017). Maeil Dairies now operate product categories such as dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese), beverage (coffee, juice, soymilk), and nutritional food (infant formula, special formula, baby food, functional food).

- Korea’s first export of infant formula to the Middle East (1981)
- Korea’s first dairy company to accomplish 50 million US dollar export (2014)
- Korea’s largest exporter of infant formula to China
- Manufactures special infant formula (5 types) and special powdered milk for babies with inborn errors of metabolism (10 types)
- Korea’s first to introduce ESL system in milk processing (2000)
- Owns and operates 7 factories in Korea that all obtained ISO22000
- Owns extensive R&D capabilities, 100 people at Maeil Innovation Center (MIC)
* Operates Maeil Asia Human Milk Research Center (accumulative analysis of about 170,000 Baby excrement samples and about 17,000 Breast milk samples)
* Launched Maeil Sarcopenia Research Center to lead senior nutrition business
- Strategic supplier of global foodservice companies such as McDonalds and Starbucks, both Korea and Asia
- Produces beverages under license of global brands such as Hershey’s, Almond Breeze, Florida’s Natural
- Exports infant formula, special formula, baby food, coffee beverage, yogurt drink to 7 countries

Under the long-term vision of 'More than food, beyond Korea', Maeil has expanded into new businesses such as food and restaurant service and opened a new rural theme park, Sangha Farm, in 2016 with the aim to promote Korea’s agricultural business. 

sponsor/ Gold Namyang Dairy Products

Namyang’s founder and chairman Hong Doo Young made up his mind to be engaged in the infant formula business with a view to feeding Korean-made milk formula to Korean babies. 
In 1964, he built a baby milk formula factory in Cheonan Chungnam, which used to be far from the dairy industry, and produced the‘Namyang Baby Formula’with domestic technology for the first time in 1967. 
Since then, Namyang has produced powdered milk including infant formula, adhering to a creed that children are the future and Namyang raises the future of Korea.
Namyang’s continuous technology development, aggressive investment in equipment, and accountability for value sharing are rooted in its creed, which has underpinned its growth into a company equipped with the largest facilities and the best technology in Korea. 

sponsor/ Gold NongHyup

NongHyup was established out of a merger of Agricultural Cooperatives and the Agricultural Bank in 1961, the result of efforts to construct a national cooperative system for Korean farmers suffering poor production capacity and insufficient financial resources.
In the decades since, NongHyup has played a crucial role in the growth of the Korean economy, developing into one of the most successful cooperatives in the world.
NongHyup is the apex organization of 1,131 member cooperatives representing more than 2.25 million member farmers in Korea.
On March 2, 2012, NongHyup started separate operations for its NongHyup Financial and NongHyup Agribusiness groups to better facilitate the achievement of its founding objectives as well as sustainable growth through greater efficacy.
“Working with the people for the welfare of famers” is Nonghyup’s vision for future growth.

- NACF(National Agricultural Cooperative Federation):  The Nonghyup group’s control tower and the center for member cooperatives, responsible for the governance of each of the following business units (Extension & Support, Cooperative Banking)
- NongHyup Agribusiness Group: The center for the marketing and supply of agricultural and livestock products, responsible for vitalization thereof through advanced expertise and increased efficiencies in product distribution
- NongHyup Financial Group: The center of profit generation with the collaboration of its 8 subsidiary companies.  

sponsor/ Gold Tetra Pak

Tetra Pak is the world's leading food processing and packaging solutions company. Working closely with our customers and suppliers, we provide safe, innovative and environmentally sound products that each day meet the needs of hundreds of millions of people in more than 160 countries. With more than 24,000 employees around the world, we believe in responsible industry leadership and a sustainable approach to business. Our motto, “PROTECTS WHAT’S GOOD™," reflects our vision to make food safe and available, everywhere.

We have been working in close partnership with leading dairy and beverage customers in Korea for more than 30 years. 

sponsor/ Silver Binggrae

Binggrae has grown along with your smile with various tastes and nutrients and healthy products.
Since the first step in 1967, Binggrae has grown along with your smile with various tastes and nutrients and healthy products. "Together," the first authentic ice cream of Korea based on innovative idea and excellent marketing power, "Yoplait," the beginning of scooping yogurt, "Banana Flavored Milk" the national brand and to the world, and "Melona" the legend of the ice cream industry. Our many products more than any company have been loved by all of you. 
With the effort toward health, safety, and the best quality, Binggrae has become the leader of domestic food industry. For the global generation of the 21st century, Binggrae is exploring new growth engine and overseas markets with creative passion and challenges. Moreover, we maintain firm and transparent financial status and fulfill social responsibilities and duties as a corporation to establish happy society. 
Binggrae promises to explore a new market of food industry as a global food leader and to be loved by customers with safe and reliable products. 

sponsor/ Silver Dongwon F&B

Dongwon F&B, ‘F&B’ represents the challenging spirit in which the company aims to become the ‘First’ and ‘Best’ food culture company that contributes to customers’ health. Dongwon F&B reflects the corporate philosophy – good food is the best medicine – in various food products. Dongwon F&B is filling your table with healthier foods and your life, with culinary delights. Furthermore, it is making its name, Dongwon F&B, the synonym for the ‘Food You Can Trust’ by keeping freshness and quality through the safety management system and the Dongwon F&B Food Science Research Institute.


Dongwon F&B, Professional Dairy brand 'Denmark milk' and 'Cow and Tree',  We take a full responsibility for consumers’ health through all the HACCP-validated plants, advanced production technology and improvement of high quality products.


Our Premium Brand, ‘Denmark’ is 'Mark of Freshness' which means 'all symbols of freshness'. It is our intention to concentrate more on freshness, the essential value of dairy products developed in the same way of Denmark. We creates values on consumers’ life level, offering premium products of many kinds such as low fat milk, natural milk, drinking yoghurt, cream cheese used the Danish pasteurization(HTST) method from 100% domestic grades 1A milk.


“Cow and Tree” is a dairy brand boasting our expertise and technology since 1963 and symbolizes the generous supply of milk from a cow and the integrity of a sturdy tree. ‘Cow & Tree’  offers more tasty dairy products processed from 1A grade rawmilk at HD(Hi-Deaeration) . With a wide range of dairy products such as high calcium cheese, mozzarella cheese, portion butter and fermented products, we are doing the best for consumers’ pleasure.

sponsor/ Bronze Busan Milk

Today’s Milk Busan Milk 2-Hour-System from farm to plant Busan Milk processes and produces fresh milk made out of raw milk within just two hours after being collected from approximately 300 clean farms in Busan and Gyeongsangnam-do. As the saying goes “newly harvested rice is much tastier than long-stored one”, we are committed to producing fresh milk for our customers under the slogan of “Fresh raw milk makes fresh milk”.

sponsor/ Bronze Ecolean

Ecolean develops and manufactures innovative packaging systems for the dairy and liquid food industry. Ecolean’s modern lightweight packaging is consumer convenience and environmental concern in one. Ecolean is a global company with its headquarters in Sweden. Established in 1996, it has commercial activities in more than 30 countries, with China, Pakistan and Russia being its largest markets. Ecolean has close to 400 employees. 

sponsor/ Bronze Noluma International

Noluma International, LLC advises on maximizing the light protection capacity of packaging and can contribute to the optimal design of packaging materials to achieve the highest efficacy in light protection. This leads to increased freshness, stable sensory characteristics, preservation of nutrients or other elements and extended shelf life of many products. The technology is applicable to many industries whose products are susceptible to changes under conditions of light exposure, whether outdoors, indoors, under retail lights, kitchen, refrigerator or vanity lights. This patented technology is available only through Noluma, and is a unique state-of-the-art technology that measures the light protection capacity of packaging as a function of its effects on contents. 

sponsor/ Bronze Purmil

Purmil is milk processing company which means blue, pure, fresh milk and tries to provide fresh, healthy food.
Purmil is 40 year company that started from Lotte milk in 1978 and has many popular goods like ‘Bifidus’, ‘Black bean milk’, ‘Ghana chocolate milk’.
Purmil separated from Lotte in 2007 and changed name to ‘purmil’ which means ‘Pure milk’ in 2009.
We product milk, drink, meat and try to be a trustful food company through “New Start New Challenge” slogan that means making innovative product and aggressive management. 

exhibitor/ Agrirobotech

Agrirobotech provides Lely product, LEMS, LEMS dairy platform, forage machine. Agrirobotech helps you see what happens on your farm. Collecting farm data by using the equipment.
Based on the data, farms are controlled by farmers. This leads to increase productivity.
We would like to promote the structure of business linkage while providing and maintaining equipment. 

exhibitor/ Bioeasy

Bioeasy is a high-tech enterprise engaged in food safety, clinical diagnosis, public safety and other fields. We are global leading supplier of the milk antibiotic residues rapid test, we have the widest range of test kits available and different detection limits or new test kit can be customized according to local market demand. Validated by ILVO, CECALAIT(France),MPI(New Zealand),PIWET(Poland), also the only one company in China that rapid test kit approved by China AQSIQ. Protect your milk safety is our dedication! 

exhibitor/ BIOMÉRIEUX

Unlock the hidden value in your quality control processes.

With so many points of potential contamination in dairy and beverage production, quality control is paramount. Your customers safety – and your company’s reputation – depend on knowing your product is free of pathogens and spoilage organisms. bioMérieux’s microbiology testing solutions offer a rapid, streamlined workflow that improves your bottom line – and most importantly, delivers results you can count on.

exhibitor/ Bruker

Bruker Optics offers FT-NIR Solutions for the Dairy Industry both lab and in-process.
Bruker Optics is one of the world’s leading manufacturer and worldwide supplier of Fourier
Transform Infrared, Near Infrared and Raman spectrometers. We offer FT-NIR Solutions for the Dairy Industry, including the identification and quantification of raw materials, in-process control, and the QA/QC finished products. Bruker Optics has an R&D and manufacturing center in Ettlingen, Germany, technical support centers worldwide. For more information, please visit www.bruker.com/dairy 

exhibitor/ COPAN

With a rightful reputation for innovation, COPAN is the world leading manufacturer of collection and transport systems. In like manner, COPAN’s collaborative approach to pre-analytics has resultedin the development of FLOQSwabs®, ESwab®, SRK® and modular laboratory automation, WASP® and WASPLab®. 
MilkyWay™, the last walk away platform developed by Copan, represents the new era of microbiological controls in food sector. www.copangroup.com 

exhibitor/ Charm Sciences

Established in 1978 in Greater Boston, Charm Sciences helps protect consumers, manufacturers, and global brands from a variety of issues through the development of food safety, water quality, and environmental diagnostics tests and equipment. Selling directly and through its network of distributors, Charm’s products serve the dairy, feed and grain, food and beverage, water, healthcare, environmental, and industrial markets in more than 95 countries around the globe. Charm…Where the Science of Food Safety is a Way of Life

exhibitor/ CSP Technologies

Since 1983, CSP has been a trusted provider of packaging solutions to customers in the Dairy industry. CSP revolutionized the industry with its air-tight vials for milk sampling. CSP can enhance product stability and extend shelf life by protecting sensitive products from moisture, oxygen, and VOCs. CSP provides products for the Dairy, Brewing, Food & Beverage, Wineries, and Pharmaceutical/Biotech industries, that assure aseptic fluid access allowing for sample collection and storage without the risk of product contamination. CSP delivers innovative, high-quality product and packaging solutions that give customers a competitive edge and consumers a better product experience.
CSP provides value to its customers by offering material science, desiccant and scavenging technology and processing capability, design expertise to deliver concept ideation to production, and product and service quality. The company ships more than one billion products annually.

exhibitor/ DONG BANG Co., Ltd.

Dong Bang is top leading animal health product manufacturer in Korea since 1977. We are specialized in antibiotics, hormones, probiotics, vitamins and mineral products. Our products are effective and innovative in preventing and treating animal diseases and providing necessary nutritional benefits. Dong Bang is committed to be responsive and sensitive to your needs and provide exceptional services to all of our customers. 

exhibitor/ Eurofins Group

Eurofins Group is a leading provider of analytical services with an international network of more than 400 laboratories across 44 countries and a portfolio of over 150,000 validated analytical methods for characterizing the safety, identity, purity, composition, authenticity and origin of products and biological substances. Through research and development, in-licensing and acquisitions, the Group draws on the latest developments in the field of biotechnology and analytical sciences.

exhibitor/ IDEXX

IDEXX is a global leader in veterinary diagnostics, dairy, software and water testing. Livestock and poultry producers, laboratories, veterinarians and dairy processors depend on IDEXX diagnostic technologies to make confident decisions about disease management, reproductive efficiency and milk quality and safety. Reproducibility, reliability and accuracy are three of the reasons why over 1 billion IDEXX tests have been run around the world since 1985. 

exhibitor/ Foss

FOSS is the world's leading provider of analytical instruments for the global food and agricultural sector. Working in partnership with the dairy industry, FOSS keeps you ahead of the game with new analysis options for improved business opportunities. For instance, FOSS analytical solutions have proven significant for raw milk testing, milk standardisation in dairy production and verification of end-product quality.
FOSS has 1400 employees at development and manufacturing sites in Denmark and China and 28 sales and service companies worldwide. www.fossanalytics.com 

exhibitor/ IFCN

‘IFCN is a global dairy research network. By addressing challenges in the dairy world, IFCN can contribute to a more resilient and more sustainable future for all of us.’ 

exhibitor/ Bentley Instrument

For over 30 years, Bentley Instruments Inc., has been a leader in the development of highly accurate, robust analytical instruments for the dairy industry. Focused 100% on dairy, we understand the challenges of the industry and the need for constant innovation. Our products include, the Bactocount IBC bacteria counters, Somacount somatic cell counters, FTS and DairySpec FTIR milk component analyzers as well as combinations systems for large and small labs alike. 

exhibitor/ Lely

Lely is a family-owned agriculture company that was founded in 1948. It originated in the Netherlands but today operates internationally in over 40 countries worldwide. 
We have a firm belief in the power of progress and improvement. It's in our DNA. Ever since our company was founded, we have generated new ideas to make the lives of farmers easier, they business more successful, and the future of agriculture brighter. 
Making farmers’ lives easier with innovative solutions and tailored services. Bright farming is yours by choice. 

exhibitor/ National Institute of Animal Science

The National Institute of Animal Science (NIAS) under the Rural Development Administration (RDA) strives to raise customer confidence by improving livestock performance, technologies for safe animal products, developing and distributing environmentally-safe technologies.  In addition, it creates new values and growth motives for national development through the conversion of advanced biotechnologies such as development of new bio-drugs and organ synthesis using animals. The NIAS also aims to become a global livestock research institute through active exchange of resources and information with international livestock institutes.

<Areas of focus >

■ Development of new bio-materials through animal biotechnology.

■ Securing bio-diversity of animal genetic resources and development of high value animal products.

■ Development of future livestock technology in response to climate change.

■ Development of secure production technology for animal products.

■ Management of animal disease control and biosecurity of NIAS.

■ Enhancing competitiveness and development of export-related technology for animal products.

■ Development of technology to reduce feed cost and promote use of forage.

■ Development of natural recycling, environmental organic livestock technology.

■ Development of renewable energy and energy saving technology using livestock resources.

■ Development of safety control technology for livestock products and livestock food products.

■ Development of technology for improving added value of new functional livestock food products

■ Support of livestock related RDA's "research and development agenda" projects.

■ Matters related to the development and popularization of livestock related technology. 

exhibitor/ Nuri Science Inc

Nuri Science Inc. Provides Sex-Selection products for Bovine, Swine, Canine, Equine. Our product ‘WholeMom’ Guarantee the rapid livestock improvement and farm management profitability. Simply mixing the WholeMom product with semen before A.I. ensures that you can get offspring of sex you wanted. It has 90% accuracy with out reduction in conception rate. These products are used by very simple and easy way for livestock without the machine and special technique. We strongly believe that these products will change the concept for livestock sexing technology near future. Nuri Science Inc. is located South Korea and a research based company that creates world revolutionary product for animals. 

exhibitor/ QualiTru

For over three decades, QualiTru (formerly QMI) has been the most trusted brand for aseptic sampling. Today’s sampling needs are vital to product quality, safety and regulatory compliance. Helping you easily and accurately sample your liquid products remains our mission and developing new products that answer the varied needs of today’s liquid product producers is our goal. Aseptic Sampling is an important element in designing a comprehensive HACCP plan, GFSI, SQF, and BRC administering proper control over critical points to monitor potential sources of contamination. QualiTru services customers in more than thirty countries worldwide and is proud to display the 3-A Symbol of Quality on our products.

exhibitor/ Perten Instruments/ Delta Instruments

Perten Instruments/Delta Instruments offer the widest range of analyzers for the dairy industry – from milk analysis, through the production process, to your finished products. The performance of our instruments match or exceed the industry standards. Our milk analyzers all work according to internationally recognized standards like IDF, ISO and ICAR. Delta Instruments is also member of Fepale. You can rely on our experience and expertise which comes from more than 30 years in the industry and thousands of instruments sold worldwide. 

exhibitor/ Plexense

Plexense, Inc. has developed a simple and cost-effective detection method for contaminants in foods and beverages including Aflatoxin M1, residual antibiotics, and toxic herbicides. Our ACCEL ELISA boasts up to 50 times higher sensitivity than conventional ELISA with a simple one-wash protocol. ACCEL ELISA is fully compatible with standard microplate readers and can be easily automated for high-throughput screening. Reliable results can be achieved for 96 samples in 45 minutes or less. 

exhibitor/ Randox Food Diagnostics

Randox Food Diagnostics is an associate of Randox Laboratories who have over 35 years’ experience in the diagnostic market and a heavy focus on the research and development on new products. Randox Food is a dedicated company responsible for the distribution of Randox drug residue and mycotoxin analysis technology as well as a wide range of wine and honey quality test kits and analysers. This versatile range of products includes drug residue & mycotoxin ELISAs, biochip arrays and dedicated enzymatic kits for the wine and honey analysis. Better science, safer food. Randox Food Diagnostics provide the global food market with tools for the screening of antimicrobials, growth promoting hormones and drugs of abuse in animals and produce, offering superb limits of detection and simple sample preparations. Randox Food has an extensive and expanding range consisting of 37 ELISAs, 21 multiplex screening platforms and 20 enzymatic/colourmetric reagents. Our comprehensive range and trusted screening solutions are intertwined with continually improving the standards of global food safety, ensuring that better science means safer food. Randox Food Diagnostics was created to meet the needs of a growing food industry and to ensure the protection of the end consumers. Founded as a subsidiary of global healthcare company Randox Laboratories our mission is to improve healthcare worldwide through effective food testing. Using our experience in advanced diagnostics and our close relationships with the world’s top food producers, we have created the most innovative range of testing technology available to the food industry today in Biochip Array Technology. Our advancements in diagnostics create a safer food industry along with improved efficiency at producer level.

exhibitor/ Unisensor

Unisensor is a pioneer in diagnostic engineering applied to the agri-food and veterinary sectors. 
For 20 years, Unisensor has been developing rapid testing solutions for food safety. We have built a strong expertise in the detection of contaminants by means of a unique multiplexing approach. 
Through a worldwide expansion, Unisensor has become a major player in the development of advanced technologies to better serve the food industry and to protect the consumers.