Poster Award

Poster Award of the IDF World Dairy Summit 2018 in Daejeon

Is your current research of interest for the dairy sector? If the answer is yes, then take the challenge and dare to share your project as a poster at the prestigious IDF World Dairy Summit in Daejeon, Korea (15-19 October 2018). The organizers cordially invite you to submit your poster and join us there. All posters submitted will compete for the IDF WDS 2018 Poster Award. The winning author will be rewarded with a prize of 1,000,000 KRW, while the second and third best poster presentations will receive 500,000 KRW and 200,000 KRW respectively. Besides the opportunity of winning these attractive awards, researchers attending the IDF World Dairy Summit 2018 in Daejeon will be able to network with dairy professionals from all over the world, from farming to processing industry, as well as specialists on trade and consumer topics.
We look forward to meeting you in Daejeon!

Poster Abstract

To view an abstract of the posters, please click on the below download button.

Poster No. Topic Presenter Abstract Title Download
P-001 Dairy Policies & Economics An Mi Ran The Analysis on Willingness to pay for Cheese Characteristics in Korea download
P-002 Dairy Policies & Economics Melissa Cameron What advice do dietitians provide about gut discomfort and how can we reassure consumers to rethink removing dairy from the diet? download
P-003 Dairy Policies & Economics Smita Sirohi Economics of Dairy Farming on Different Farm Types in India download
P-004 Farm Management Jamie Jonker The United States National Dairy FARM (Farmers Assuring Responsible Management) Animal Care Program download
P-005 Farm Management Christian Baumgartner Key figures based on somatic cell counts - Improving udder health in Germany download
P-006 Farm Management Eial Izak Comparison of Semiautomatic Teat Scrubber vs. Predipping on Reduction of Butyric Anaerobes Count download
P-008 Farm Management Dino Demirovic Holmquist Large scale screening of the Danish dairy cattle population for their milk fatty acid profile download
P-009 Farm Management Snorri Sigurdsson On farm training and reeducation to enhance the health and animal welfare of dairy cattle in China download
P-010 Farm Management Jang Hoon Jo Improving productive performance of Holstein dry cow through supplementing rumen-protected amino acid L-Tryptophan (NALT) download
P-011 Dairy Science & Technology Tae Bin Kim Dual studies of dietary supplementation of phytoncide essential oil on rumen fermentation and product performance in dairy cows download
P-012 Dairy Science & Technology Yoshinori Komatsu Nutrition fortified milks in the Codex new FC 01.1.2 and the technological aspects download
P-013 Farm Management Jungeun Kim L-Phenylalanine and L-Valine differently stimulate the milk protein synthesis via mTOR pathway in bovine mammary epithelial cells download
P-014 Farm Management Wontae Choi Effects of dietary supplementation of rumen-protected L-tryptophan (RPT) under heat stress conditions on milk yield and compositions in Holstein dairy cows download
P-015 Farm Management Yuta Yanagi Effect of feeding soybean curd residue on spontaneous oxidized flavor in raw milk download
P-016 Farm Management Seon Pil Yoo Effect of substituting soybean meal with fermented soybean meal on serum metabolites, milk production and milk quality in dairy cows download
P-017 Farm Management Oh-Dae Kwon Development and Evaluation of Broccoli By-product Silage as a Substitutional Ingredient of TMR for Dairy Cows download
P-018 Farm Management Dong-kyun Kim Modeling Dairy Mega Farm by the coception of Least Consumption for Natural Resources per Kg Milk Production download
P-019 Dairy Science & Technology Hardy Zingalaoa Castada Swiss cheese flavor variability and correlation based on odor activity values and descriptive sensory attributes download
P-020 Dairy Science & Technology Pramesh Kumar Dhungana Thermal stability of native, homogenized and recombined cream at different average fat globule sizes download
P-021 Dairy Policies & Economics Yong-Won Yoon Immunostimulation activity and high cell density cultivation of L. sakei LH54 download
P-022 Dairy Science & Technology Fumiyuki Kobayashi Pasteurization and changes of casein in bovine milk by low-pressure carbon dioxide microbubbles download
P-023 Dairy Science & Technology Jing Lu Compostion and concentration of bovine milk oligosaccharides varied in lactating cows with different parities download
P-024 Dairy Science & Technology Veronika Dieker Turbiscan: Accelerated shelf life testing of UHT milk analyzed by static multiple light scattering download
P-025 Dairy Science & Technology Veronika Dieker Strategies for salt reduction in semi-hard cheese (foil-ripened Edam cheese) download
P-026 Dairy Science & Technology Veronika Dieker CLSM in dairy: Confocal laser scanning microscopy is a fast and powerful texture predictive tool download
P-027 Dairy Science & Technology Veronika Dieker Comparison of application characteristics: Cow milk versus common plant-based milks download
P-028 Dairy Science & Technology Veronika Dieker Texturized dairy proteins meet traditional Chinese food download
P-029 Dairy Science & Technology Yi Ding Evaluation of Milk Product Protein System Using Analytical Tools download
P-030 Dairy Science & Technology Katja Borcherding Accelerated shelf life test (ALST): A meaningful combination of stress factors might be game-changing download
P-031 Dairy Science & Technology Katja Borcherding Predictive determination of enzymatic residual activity in UHT-milk download
P-032 Dairy Science & Technology Katja Borcherding Quantification of bacterial peptidase activity in milk by Bioluminescence-Resonance Energy Transfer (BRET) analysis download
P-033 Dairy Science & Technology Mareike Hunold Increase of sweetness by reduction of minerals in milk products using nanofiltration download
P-034 Dairy Science & Technology Mareike Hunold Development of a lactosefree, long-life whipping cream with added sugar download
P-035 Dairy Science & Technology Yi Helene Meng Identifying formation pathways for malty/chocolate flavour compounds in semi-hard cheeses by HS-SPME-GC-MS, HS-ITEX-GC-MS and LC-MS download
P-036 Dairy Science & Technology Siqi Li The impact of seasonal variations on milk acid gelation download
P-037 Dairy Science & Technology Houem Rabah The cheese matrix modulates the immunomodulatory properties of P. freudenreichii CIRM-BIA 129 in healthy piglets download
P-038 Dairy Science & Technology Ralf Zink Improved process for producing industrial butter download
P-039 Dairy Science & Technology Ralf Zink Process for producing milk powder with an adjustable ash content download
P-040 Dairy Science & Technology Floriane Gaucher Driving the nitrogen/carbon ratio of the culture medium determines Propionibacterium freudenreichii survival during spray-drying. download
P-041 Dairy Science & Technology Jelena Zagorska Influence of different starters on monosaccharides concentration in lactose free yoghurt production download
P-042 Dairy Science & Technology Chanwon Seo Effect of Carrageenan Concentration and Surfactant Type on Rheological Properties of Dairy Cream-based Emulsions download
P-043 Dairy Science & Technology Morimasa Tanimoto Rheological properties of heat-induced casein gel under acidic condition(pH<3.6) download
P-044 Dairy Science & Technology Tena Stern Mireille Analytical mapping of a Swiss Gruyère Cheese to highlight the distribution of aroma compounds using HS-ITEX-GC-MS/PFPD download
P-045 Dairy Science & Technology Shinichiro Hatakeyama Effects of manufacturing conditions on foaming properties of milk and sensory characteristics of foamed milk download
P-046 Dairy Science & Technology Etienne Guillocheau Dairy products as main dietary sources of trans-palmitoleic and trans-vaccenic acid in France download
P-047 Dairy Science & Technology Anh Thu Pham Caracterisation of airflow and heat transfer within a pallet of cheese download
P-048 Dairy Science & Technology Anette Nappa Novel cardio-protective probiotic Lactobacillus plantarum INDUCIA® download
P-049 Dairy Science & Technology Dinesh K Sharma Urease enzymatic buffering during growth of Streptococcus thermophilus MTCC 25085 download
P-050 Dairy Science & Technology Dinesh K Sharma Value addition to mishti dahi, an indigenous fermented dairy product by incorporation of a probiotic download
P-051 Dairy Science & Technology Dinesh K Sharma A process for manufacturing Dahi-based Spread/dip download
P-052 Dairy Science & Technology Dinesh K Sharma Dairy-Based Baked Snack / Meal download
P-053 Dairy Science & Technology Frédéric Gaucheron Deciphering the role of interfacial properties of milk fat globule membrane in its interaction with the surrounding proteins, the casein micelles download
P-054 Nutrition & Health Kei Eguchi Prevention of respiratory syncytial virus infection with probiotic lactic acid bacterium Lactobacillus gasseri SBT2055 download
P-055 Dairy Science & Technology Takamichi Kamigaki Observation of casein micelle in bovine raw milk by cryo-electron microscopy of vitreous sections (CEMOVIS) download
P-056 Dairy Science & Technology Wataru Ohi Effect of cations in whey on drying rate of a droplet download
P-057 Dairy Science & Technology Atefeh Karimidastjerd Effects of pH and chelating agents on flux of pre-treated sweet whey during ultrafiltration download
P-058 Dairy Science & Technology Suk-Ho Choi Fermentation characteristics of Lactobacillus helveticus and Kluyveromyces marxianus isolated from airag, Mongolian fermented mare’s milk download
P-059 Dairy Science & Technology Walter Bisig Sensory interactions between sugar, fat, texture and flavour in protein-enriched strawberry flavoured yoghurts download
P-060 Dairy Science & Technology Oh Sangnam Bovine milk-derived exosome attenuate dextran sulfate sodium-induced colitis by modulating gut microbiota download
P-061 Dairy Science & Technology Tae-Il Kim Effect of feed selenium-lysine supplementation on milk production and its composition of dairy cattle download
P-062 Dairy Science & Technology Young-Tae Heo Analysis of sex ratio on bovine in vitro fertilized embryos using sex determination kit treated sperm download
P-063 Dairy Science & Technology Bu-Min Kim Production of R. coreanus fermented milk added with B. longum and commercial starter download
P-064 Dairy Science & Technology Cheng Chung Yong Interconnection between acid stress and intestinal adhesion ability of Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG download
P-065 Dairy Science & Technology Jayeon Yoo Quality Characteristics of Mozzarella Cheese and Gouda Cheese Made from Jersey Milk in Korea download
P-066 Dairy Science & Technology Wonseo Park Growth of Bifidobacterium longum KACC 91563 during Kwark Cheese Making download
P-067 Dairy Science & Technology Sejong Oh Lactobacillus brevis BMB6 as probiotic starter culture for the Kefir production download
P-068 Dairy Science & Technology In-Chan Hwang Characterization of an Anti-listerial Bacteriocin from Leuconostoc lactis SD501 download
P-069 Marketing Henning Götsche What is the major driver ? Sustainability or functionality: Assessment of paper cups with plastic coating during dairy filling download
P-070 Marketing Jamie Jonker The Secure Milk Supply Plan for Continuity of Business in the event of an FMD Outbreak in the United States download
P-071 Marketing Jamie Jonker Antibiotic Stewardship in the United States Dairy Industry download
P-072 Marketing Ralf Zink Development of an intelligent (packaging) system for a sensor-based prediction of the actual expiration date of food download
P-073 Marketing Hyeok-Joong Kang Effects of road transportation on metabolic and immunological responses in Holstein heifers download
P-074 Animal Health & Welfare Wookyung Jung Phenotypic antimicrobial resistance profile of isolates causing mastitis in Korean black goat download
P-075 Food Safety Kieran Jordan Spore-forming bacteria in skim milk powders download
P-076 Food Safety Jin-Sun Lee Genomic Characterization of Bacteriophage BC01 against Bacillus cereus download
P-077 Food Safety J Mahoney Biochip array to screen sulphonamides, trimethoprim and dapsone simultaneously from a single undivided sample download
P-078 Food Safety Sagarika Galabadage Sumanasekara Relationship between feeding type and the occurrence of Aflatoxin M1 in milk of high yielding dairy cows download
P-079 Food Safety Katrin van Loo The value of an industrial HACCP-Concept in a Research and Development Center download
P-080 Food Safety Katrin van Loo The benefit of a hazard analysis in a Research and Development Center download
P-081 Food Safety Elna Buys Understanding the phenotypic characteristics of South African Listeria monocytogenes strains with the goal of enhancing food safety download
P-082 Food Safety Alexandra Besnard Detection of anti-Salmonella bacterial strains by a high-throughput screening method download
P-083 Food Safety Christian Franz Baumgartner Novel Approach of Presenting Qualitative Data Validation of microbiological inhibitor tests download
P-084 Food Safety Kim Jong-Hui Antibiotics susceptibility test of five genus of bacteria identified from the dairy farm download
P-085 Food Safety christophe riedel INFANT POWDER FORMULA PACKAGING DECONTAMINATION WITH PULSED LIGHT: An advanced technology adapted to producer challenges download
P-086 Environment Arnoud Smit Greenhouse Gas reduction at FrieslandCampina (Smit, Dekker & Hospers) download
P-087 Environment Arnoud Smit Measuring and monitoring: results of carbon footprints reported by 6000+ Dutch dairy farmers download
P-088 Environment Arnoud Smit Preserving biodiversity: biodiversity monitoring at farm level download
P-089 Environment Snorri Sigurdsson Improving Skills Through International Cooperation download
P-090 Environment Thomas H. Weißer Efficiency: Generating Energy from organic Wastes, Sludges and Whey download
P-091 Environment Thomas H. Weißer Minimizing Water Footprint in Dairy Industry by Vapor Condensate Recycling download
P-092 Environment Ulrich Böhm Sustainability by implementing Water Management download
P-093 Environment Jamie Sieds Jonker Tracking On-Farm Greenhouse Gas Emissions in the United States download
P-094 Environment Jamie Sieds Jonker Development of educational materials to advance human resources and safety outcomes on U.S. dairy farms download
P-095 Environment Bishwa Bhaskar Choudhary Milk Production Losses due to Climatic Change in North-Indian Plains download
P-095-1 Environment Seunghun Lee Pilot scale solid state anaerobic co-digestion of dairy manure and milking center wastewater download
P-096 Environment Helen Patricia Dornom The Australian dairy industry Sustainability Framework download
P-097 Environment Chun-Youl Baek Quantification of economic and environmental impact for sustainable dairy cow system in Korea download
P-098 Environment Jihwan Lee Influences of Calving Season on the Lactation Curve of First Parity Holstein in Korea download
P-099 Environment Eunjong Kim Influence of leachate recirculation rate on methane production performance during solid-state anaerobic digestion of sawdust and dairy manure download
P-100 Environment Mahboob Alam Investigating the Accuracy of Genomic Breeding Values for First Parity Calving Ease Trait in Korean Holstein Cattle download
P-101 Environment SeokHyun Lee Genetic Progress of National Dairy Bull Selection Program in the Republic of Korea download
P-102 Nutrition & Health Rufino Lopez-Ordaz ß-hydroxybutyrate, calcium and non-esterified fatty acids in blood and their relationships with milk yield losses download
P-103 Dairy Science & Technology Veronika Dieker Texturized dairy proteins meet Kimchi: Integration of dairy proteins for texturizing a traditional Korean diet download
P-104 Nutrition & Health Asuka Tada The effect of casein-derived peptide Met-Lys-Pro on blood pressure in subjects with mildly elevated blood pressure: a randomized controlled trial download
P-105 Nutrition & Health mayu yoshikawa Estimation of milk protein requirements for young Japanese men using the indicator amino acid oxidation method download
P-106 Nutrition & Health Linda Le Roux Protein sources: impact on the nutritional properties of infant formulas download
P-107 Nutrition & Health Keegan Wayne Burrow Insights on the effects of sheep and cow milk on bone development in vitro and in vivo download
P-108 Nutrition & Health Muneya Tsuda Protein-bound Amadori products in milk proteins are released but poorly absorbed after gastrointestinal digestion in rats download
P-109 Nutrition & Health Etienne Guillocheau Trans-palmitoleic acid, a dairy fat biomarker, and metabolic syndrome components: a study on C57BL/6N mice download
P-110 Nutrition & Health Ankita Hooda Characterization of buffalo micellar casein concentrate download
P-111 Nutrition & Health Inga Ciprovica The study of bioavailability of fortified milk with vitamin D3 download
P-112 Nutrition & Health Hae-Jeung Lee Milk consumption patterns and perception in Korean adolescents, adults, and the elderly download
P-113 Nutrition & Health Hae-Jeung Lee Effects of milk consumption on body weight, body mass index, and HDL-cholesterol in Korean adults download
P-114 Nutrition & Health Seung Yong Park Effects of Avocado Butter Made from Mountain Pasture Milk for Skin Recovery of Lactating Women download
P-115 Nutrition & Health Hae-Jeung Lee Ameliorated effects of bovine milk against extremely hot and salty diet-induced gastric damage in rats download
P-116 Animal Health & Welfare Jamie Jonker The impact of tie stall facilities on dairy cattle welfare and the broader United States dairy industry download
P-117 Animal Health & Welfare Jamie Jonker National Dairy FARM Program Accredited to International Standards Organization Animal Welfare Technical Standard download
P-118 Animal Health & Welfare Christian Baumgartner Cell differentiation as a tool for predicting udder health in the course of DHI testing download
P-119 Animal Health & Welfare Bart van den Borne National approaches to reduce antimicrobial usage in dairy herds – Lessons learned in five European countries download
P-120 Animal Health & Welfare SK Rana Standardizing of duplex real-time PCR for simultaneous detection of brucella and bovine herpesvirus-1 from clinical specimens download
P-121 Animal Health & Welfare Sunghyun Yoon Development of multivalent toxoid vaccine for staphylococcal bovine mastitis download
P-122 Animal Health & Welfare Kichan Lee Heat and gamma irradiation treatment of colostrum: Effect on colostrum bacterial counts and immunoglobulins download
P-123 Animal Health & Welfare Dong-hyun Lim Comparisons of the effects of heat stress on the physiological responses in Holstein and Jersey cows download
P-124 Animal Health & Welfare Jin Ju Lee Prevalence and risk factors of Brucellosis in dairy cattle in South Korea with special emphasis on control opportunities download
P-125 Animal Health & Welfare Jin Ju Lee Validation of indirect milk-ELISA based on LPS antigen for screening dairy brucellosis download
P-126 Animal Health & Welfare Dong Chan Moon Prevalence and characterization of Staphylococcus aureus isolated from mastitic bovine milk samples in Korea download