Preferred Destination

“Korea is a compact playground of Asian modernity” – Lonely Planet

With a can-do spirit, Korea has transformed into one of the world’s leading economies in just over 60 years.
An accessible hub in Asia, Korea is within a 3 hour flight radius of one-third of the world’s population.
Visafree entry for visitors from 113 countries and fast processing at the award-winning Incheon International Airport make travel to Korea easy and efficient.
Not only does Korea offer world-class infrastructure including ubiquitous IT connectivity, there are knowledge and industry hubs dotted around the country that provide fascinating insights into multinational companies that lead the market in electronics, automobiles and steel.
Coming to Korea means experiencing the old and new as the country has found a way to balance 5,000 years of historical heritage and a trendsetting culture. In particular, Hallyu (Korean Wave) is taking the world by storm as K-pop music, drama, etc. grows in popularity and economic impact. Locations from dramas and movies have turned Korea into a trendy hot spot that attracts visitors all year around. Korea is the ideal destination for business or leisure, and we hope you will take time to explore the country while you are here.

Places to Go

  • Immerse yourself in Korea where history and change coexist

    Meander through old palace grounds as the ancient royals did or catch a glimpse of the world’s most secretive country, Korea. Most attractions are easily accessible and located within a few hours distance. Korea’s constantly evolving landscape makes every visit seem new again.

    UNESCO World Heritage Sites

    Meander through old palace grounds as the ancient royals did or catch a The 12 designated sites include lava caves, Neolithic tombs and authentically preserved folk villages are especially popular with tourists.

    Historical Sites

    Korea’s long and storied history is reflected in the many palaces, fortresses, folk villages, temples and monuments.

    Natural Wonders

    Even in cities, the beach and mountains are never too far away. Majestic vistas and idyllic nooks set the scene for sports, relaxation and fun.

    Culture & Arts Scene Antiquities, fine art, pop art

    Antiquities, fine art, pop art, design and avant-garde architecture from Korean and international artists contribute to the country’s vibrant culture.

Things to Do

  • Hallyu, quite literally meaning the Korean Wave, encompasses K-pop music, dramas, and movies as well as other aspects of the Korean lifestyle like beauty and cuisine.

    From shopping to nightlife, Hallyu represents the fun and trendy entertainment options that will appeal to visitors of all tastes and ages.


    Korean food features traditional court cuisine, vegetarian temple food,
    creative snacks from street vendors, and more. Hansik, which refers to traditional Korean foods and their presentation, is characterized by the juxtaposition of a plain bowl of rice with a vast array of complementary side dishes.
    The balance of simplicity and complex flavors makes for a healthy and appetizing meal.


    Over the last few years, Korea has become the epicenter of the beauty world with skin-care products that focus on health and hydration. K-beauty is all about nourishing the skin so that it looks amazing without make-up. Get first-hand K-beauty experience with visits to the largest skin care center in Asia, 24-hour spas, and the famed beauty shopping district in Myeongdong, Seoul.


    Hanok refers to the traditional style houses that are still widely appreciated in Korea.
    Made of locally sourced wood, stone, and even paper, hanok houses have a natural beauty and are environmentally-friendly. There are many hanok accommodations, updated with all the modern amenities, throughout the country and staying in one is a cultural experience of its own.