Presentation Materials

To review an material of presentations which was released in IDF WDS Daejeon 2018, please click on the below Download button.

Programme Speaker Topic Download
World Dairy Leader´s Forum Seon Hee Kim Vision of Future Dairy Industry download
World Dairy Leader´s Forum Michael Dykes Challenges for the future download
World Dairy Leader´s Forum Henrik Hauggaard The Future of Dairy Technologies download
World Dairy Leader´s Forum Minfang Lu Insights of Dairy Industry Development in Asia : From Asia to the World download
IDF Forum Caroline Emond Why IDF Matters? download
IDF Forum Jean-Marc Delort IDF Work Programme and Strategy 2019-2021 download
Special Conference : "The Next Decade" Kyung-soo Chun [Plenary Speech] Socio-humanistic contemplation on dairy Industry download
Special Conference : "The Next Decade" Berhe Tekola Global food market and the role of dairy products download
Special Conference : "The Next Decade" Stephan Hubertus Gay Global dairy trend ; Who will produce and consume ? download
Special Conference : "The Next Decade" Thia Hennessy Challenge to the future ; What to pursue ? download
Dairy Policies & Economics Jurgen Jansen 〔Annual Report〕 World Dairy Situation Report download
Dairy Policies & Economics John Newton A New Way to Manage U.S. Dairy Farm Price Volatility download
Dairy Policies & Economics Benoit Rouyer Consolidation & restructuring of dairy industry download
Dairy Policies & Economics Byung Hong Park Overview & Policy of Korean Dairy Industry download
Dairy Policies & Economics Nguyen Quoc Khanh Vietnam Dairy Industry ; Overview & Beyond download
Dairy Policies & Economics Mingyu Yang Dairy Policies and Economics of China Dairy Markets download
Dairy Policies & Economics Alexander Anton EU Dairy growing in Europe & beyond - the European Trade Strategy : Trade for all download
Dairy Policies & Economics Mike Petersen The international trade environment and impact for the dairy sector download
Dairy Policies & Economics James Mulhern Agricultural Trade Policy in the US download
Dairy Policies & Economics Niranjan M Karade Role of technology in enhancing small holder dairy farmers' income: The Indian Experience download
Dairy Policies & Economics Ariel Londinsky The dairy chain of Latin America : profile of opportunities download
Farm Management Matthew Shaffer Animal breeding for the future: using new data sources for breeding and management download
Farm Management Jean-Louis Peyraud The role of grassland based production system for sustainable protein production download
Farm Management Jang Won Yoon Management of antimicrobial resistance in dairy farms download
Farm Management Yong Suk Son Labor supply and succession in Korean dairy farming download
Farm Management Chris Lewis Enticing the next generation into farming download
Farm Management David Cotton How farmers have developed their businesses in the last 20 years and what they see as the challenges to develop in the future download
Farm Management Martin Scholten The Future of milk : challenges and opportunities download
Farm Management Koos Coetzee Mitigating and managing the impact of distruptions in the dairy value chain download
Dairy Science & Technology Seppo Salminen Fermented foods with the potential to fight disease and improve nutrition download
Dairy Science & Technology Nagendra Shah Challenges of synthesizing (GABA) in milk and yogurt by a novel strain of Lactobacillus brevis download
Dairy Science & Technology Guy Vergéres Impact of milk fermentation on the inflammatory, transcriptomics and metabolomics profiles of human subjects having ingested dairy products download
Dairy Science & Technology Mansel Griffiths Do fermented milk products combat disease? download
Dairy Science & Technology Bruno Pot Probiotic Yoghurt: the importance of science and regulation for the consumer download
Dairy Science & Technology Sungsik Jang Functional lactic acid bacteria as new ingredients of fermented milks download
Dairy Science & Technology DK Sharma Indian Traditional Dairy Products – Process and Product Development download
Dairy Science & Technology Yodai Kobayashi Beneficial function of Bifidobacterium breve A1 for maintaining cognitive function in Alzhheimer’s disease model mouse download
Marketing James caffyn Current Food and Dairy Trends download
Marketing Min Kyoung Kim Consumption & Marketing Trend of Dairy Products in Korea download
Marketing Yoshiharu Shimizuike Japanese Economy and Market download
Marketing Matthew Gould The Dairy Divergence ; trends in Dairy Consumption in North America download
Marketing Juliette de Nettancourt Boldly Facing the Future of Dairy download
Marketing Octavio Oltra Innovation and the Chile Market download
Marketing Gerrit Smit Innovation and the Chinese Market download
Marketing Yoko Kaji Innovation and the Japanese Market download
Marketing Rebecca Miah-Tonkinson European Case Study (AHDB’s work on Millennials) download
Marketing Jerreau Beaudoin Global Case Study “World Milk Day” download
Marketing Laurent Damiens MILK and Plant-based drinks download
Food Safety Tom Heilandt Global Cooperation of Codex and other international bodies such as IDF download
Food Safety Justin Bendall Practical Food Safety Management : Challenges to Food Safety from Both Consumers' Values & the Unintended Consequences from Well-Intentioned Regulations download
Food Safety Erik Konings The incompatibilities of regional and global limits/method standards(highlighting the relevant joint work of IDF, ISO and AOAC in Codex/JECFAF download
Food Safety Sang-Hee Jeong The comparison of Korean and Codex limits for MRLs of chemical residues in dairy foods download
Food Safety Byoung-Yong Kim Genomic approach for safety and quality control of microbial Food cultures (MFC) in fermented dairy foods download
Food Safety Hong Zhu Actions taken since the melamine crisis. What has been implemented? download
Food Safety François Bourdichon Recent food safety accident(Listeria Outbreak in South Africa) : What can be changed in dairy food sector? download
Food Safety Olivia McAuliffe Current and potential uses of Phages in milk and dairy sector. Could it be a future in LMIC’s dairy industry? download
Food Safety Jang-Hyuk Anh Matrix complexity of dairy foods for chemical analysis : Burden between sample preparation and instrumental analysis download
Food Safety Andrew Bartholomaeus Nanotechnology and Dairy Food Safety download
Environment Solange Uwituze Society, equity and livestock in Africa : dairy perspective download
Environment Ernesto Reyes Dairy Development’s Impact on Poverty Reduction download
Environment Michel Donat A Dairy Industry Framework to Drive and Communicate Continuous Sustainability Improvement download
Environment Camillo De Camillis The LEAP guidance methodology for the dairy sector : challenges and opportunities download
Environment Jaap Petraeus Dairy and biodiversity ; feedback from IDF guidelines download
Environment Shinichi Kume Water : accounting for its use and impacts by the dairy sector download
Environment Anna Flysjö Accounting for carbon sequestration : opportunities and challenges download
Environment Fabiana Villa Alves Silvopastoral Systems : contributions to Livestock and to the Sustainable Development in Tropical regions download
Environment Pierre Barrucand Wastewater management at processing level download
Environment Lilly Li Drive Environmental Excellence together with Dairies download
Environment Stephan Peters Towards a definition of a healthy and sustainable diet : Is ‘eat a less animal and more plant-based diet’ a guarantee for decreasing the environmental footprint? download
Environment Chun-youl Baek Quantification of economic and environmental impact for sustainable dairy cow system in Korea download
Environment Ying Wang The complexity of food system download
Nutrition & Health Hyun-Kyung Moon The need to increase the consumption of dairy products to promote health in Korea download
Nutrition & Health Nagako Okuda Drinking more milk is associated with less salt intake and improves dietary sodium-to-potassium ratio in Japanese diet - A new strategy to prevent cardiovascular diseases download
Nutrition & Health Emma Feeney Health effects of dairy fat, eaten in a Cheese Matrix download
Nutrition & Health Ji A Jung Overview of nutritional differences between dairy and alternatives download
Animal Health & Welfare Tim Mackle Mycoplasma bovis and the new outbreaks download
Animal Health & Welfare David Kelton A global perspective on the challenges of Paratuberculosis control download
Animal Health & Welfare Keun Seok Seo Development of multivalent toxoid vaccine for staphylococcal bovine mastitis download
Animal Health & Welfare Elisabeth Erlacher Vindel OIE strategy on AMR and the Prudent Use of Antimicrobials download
Animal Health & Welfare Yong Ho Park Intergovernmental Task Force on Antimicrobial Resistance download
Animal Health & Welfare Tine van Werven Healthy dairy farming with less antimicrobials: evaluation of a 10-year programme in the Netherlands download
Animal Health & Welfare Henk Hogeveen Animal health from an economic perspective: Opportunities to increase animal health and profitability download
Animal Health & Welfare Susie Stannard The consumer value of animal welfare download
Animal Health & Welfare Chaidate Inchaisri Economics of improved reproductive performance in Thai dairy cow download
Animal Health & Welfare Shusuke Sato How to move forward on the “5 Freedoms model" and the "5 Domains model" on animal welfare from the view of animal handler download
Animal Health & Welfare Jeffrey P. Rushen Animal welfare programmes for dairy cattle: Canada perspective download
Animal Health & Welfare Olav Østerås The Norwegian animal welfare index. An example of application of OIE and ISO standard using the animal recording system download
School Milk for the Future Jihyun Yoon School Milk Policy in Korea and Current Situation download
School Milk for the Future Qian Zhang School Milk Policy in China download
School Milk for the Future Nevzat Artik Turkish Dairy Sector and School Milk Policy download
School Milk for the Future Miho Nozue School milk policy and calcium intake among school children in Japan download
School Milk for the Future Judith Bryans Contribution of school milk programmes to the nutrition of children worldwide download
School Milk for the Future Narongrit Wongsuwan School milk programmes as part of the Asian Dairy Challenge download
School Milk for the Future Rafael Fabrega Effect of school milk – a global overview download
ICT Smart Farm Timo Joosten Fighting bimodality in milk flow with the use of cow individual data within Robotic Milking System download
ICT Smart Farm Hen Honig Bio-Sensors: the present and the future - Overview of recently developed sensors to gather physiological status of cows download
ICT Smart Farm Soichiro Honda Internet of things (IoT) and clouding for the smart farming: Integration and Control - How to integrate different types of machines and network and present to the users for decision making and controls download
ICT Smart Farm Jun-Yeob Lee ICT based SMART dairy farming in Korea download
ICT Smart Farm Luis Tedeschi The central role of modeling for precision farming applications download
ICT Smart Farm Laurence Shalloo Integrating big data within the decision making process download
Fermented Dairy : Health Benefits Jihyun F. Kim Interplay between microbiota and gastrointestinal disease download
Fermented Dairy : Health Benefits Yong Sung Kim Gut microbiota-based therapy for gastrointestinal diseases download
Fermented Dairy : Health Benefits Kensei Nishida Probiotics and the gut-brain axis: effects on physical and mental symptoms of stress download
Fermented Dairy : Health Benefits Paul D. Cotter ‘Kefir – a gut health-promoting fermented dairy food?’ download